Jen Krakowsky

Jen Krakowsky: At the age of 14, Jen went through major spine surgery to halt the progression of scoliosis. Many years later, suffering from chronic back pain and a gripping stiffness in her neck as well as stress and anxiety, Jen felt drawn to yoga. She immediately fell in love with yoga’s physical and mental benefits and came to realize that yoga offered her a path to understanding her fused spine as well as her underlying scoliosis.

Jen teaches with a focus on healthy alignment, body mechanics and breath. She approaches her students with the belief that each body is unique and carries with it its own history, limitations, strengths and weaknesses.  In her own practice, she modifies or abstains from certain poses due to her spinal asymmetry and limited range of motion.  Despite this (and even because of this), she has found that the possibilities to move and learn through yoga are endless.

Jen received her teaching certification at Yoga Haven in Westchester, NY under the direction of Betsy Kase. Jen has also studied with Elise Browning Miller, completing her program to become a Certified Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Trainer. Jen is grateful to share her passion and knowledge with others.