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New to Samamkaya? Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! We’re here to help!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still unsure where to begin, we are happy to answer any other questions you have at or 646-964-5772.

Check out the New York Times article about Samamkaya: A Manhattan Yoga Studio for Bad Backs by Natalie Shutler

What class should I start with?

That all depends on you. We recommend that you start with our Back Care Basics or Yoga & Scoliosis Basics classes, or our Back Care Beginners Series. Details about these classes can be found below. If you have prior yoga experience or cannot make the Basics or Beginners classes, you might find that the regular classes are more to your liking. However, these classes do tend to move faster than the Basics classes or Beginners series, so we highly recommend starting with either of those.

Back to Basics: How To Take Yoga for Back Care Online with Jen GormanEva LevWendy Baranello, and Cat Murcek

First Saturday of the Month at 4:30pm EST
March 6 with Jen Gorman
April 3 with Eva Lev
May 1 with Wendy Baranello
June 5 with Cat Murcek
$25 per class for Samamkaya students
$15 for Students who are new to the studio! Use the code BRANDNEW at checkout to get this special price! New students will also have the opportunity to purchase a class card at a discounted rate after their first class!

This monthly class is designed for brand new beginners to online yoga or returning students who would like to re-discover the fundamentals. These workshops will be slow-paced and accommodating to whoever is “in the room”. This class is perfect if you’re new to yoga for back care online and are feeling confused or intimidated by the props or alignment-oriented cuing used in our drop-in classes. This class is appropriate for students experiencing a wide variety of back issues including spinal fusions, bulging/herniated discs, Scoliosis, and others. Please be prepared to let your teacher know what diagnoses you have from your doctor.

Some things you can expect to go over:

-how to set up your tech to get the most out of class
-the standard props and how to work with them
-basic yoga postures you might encounter in our drop-in classes
-gentler modifications for some standard yoga postures
-plenty of time and space to ask questions, look at backs, etc.

Please bring all your questions, and have the following props ready to use:
-three-four 4″ yoga blocks
-one Pune-style yoga belt (8 or 10 feet preferable)
-two or more yoga blankets (or you could use full-size towels and/or throw cushions)
-a yoga or dining chair
-some wall space is ideal but also okay if not possible

*Please visit Deborah Wolk’s website to source props 

Do I need to pre-register for class?

You must register at least 30 minutes in advance for online classes.

What is the cost for class?

Our online offerings are priced as follows:

Single Class: $25 (Members: $23)
5 Class Card: $115 (Members: $95) (6 week expiration)
10 Class Card: $200 (Members: $175) (8 week expiration)
Auto-renew Weekly Unlimited: $60 (Members: $55)
Auto-renew Monthly Unlimited: $200 (Members: $175) no change
SPECIAL 6 Month Unlimited Card: $1,000 (Members: $900)*
One-time Weekly Unlimited: $70 (Members: $65)
One-time Monthly Unlimited: $225 (Members: $200)
*Would apply to in-person classes if/when we are allowed to open the physical studio for the remainder of the unlimited period

There will be a $5 fee for students with unlimited classes who sign up for class but do not attend class. As we do expect to reopen our doors in the future, we will keep all of your existing class cards on hold and ask, for the time being, that you work with our new online pricing structure. If these prices are inaccessible to you for any reason, please send us an email at and we can discuss a discount on a case-by-case basis.

What do I need to bring?

We understand that some of you may not have all of the props you will need. We will be using minimal props, but we recommend that you buy the following props to make your home practice as beneficial as it can be. Information on where to purchase your props can be found on Deborah Wolk’s website. We’ve also listed alternatives here in case you do not yet have them.

  • 3–4 blocks (can be cork or foam). (Alternatives: stacks of books, some table-top game boxes, small storage containers)
  • 2 belts (one 6’ and one 10’ or 12’). Caution: most yoga belts sold online use D-ring closures. Please do not buy these, as they will not stay tight or secure when you use them. The correct, moveable bar type belts are available on our online store.
  • 4–5 Mexican style blankets with no pattern in the weave. (Alternatives: large bath or beach towels, quilts or firm blankets that can be folded evenly)
  • Sticky Mat
  • Backless Yoga Chair. Tools for Yoga and Amazon sell folding chairs with the back already removed, but Amazon also sells a much cheaper folding chair with the back still attached, which you can remove with a hammer and metal file. (Alternatives: a regular chair, stool, or coffee table)
  • You might also like to use bed pillows, couch pillows or cushions in place of bolsters.

Did we miss something? We’re happy to answer any other questions you have at or 646-964-5772

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