About the Co-operative

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Samamkāya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective is a therapeutic, worker-owned yoga studio. Our aim is to make yoga accessible and healing to students of all ages and abilities who are living with back injuries, chronic/acute pain, differently shaped spines/bodies, scoliosis and spinal fusions.

In addition to offering highly specialized therapeutic yoga, we are unique in our business structure. We are the ONLY studio operating as a worker-owned cooperative (that we know of) in Manhattan. We are the only center dedicated exclusively to back care and scoliosis that is owned and run by our teachers. Our cooperative model allows us to build a collaborative co-created environment with sustainable living wages for our highly trained and talented teacher community.

Our Services

  • Daily therapeutic back care and scoliosis classes.
  • Weekend (and sometimes evening) special workshops and teacher trainings with senior teachers from around the world.
  • Private lessons offered directly by our expert teaching faculty.
  • Bodywork.

In the wake of the Coronavirus Shutdown, we received a grant from the Cooperative Development Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund! We are so proud to run our business as a worker-owned cooperative and for the Co-op Community!⁠ ⁠

The Disaster Recovery Fund supports cooperatives, families and communities as they recover from disasters or other emergency hardship situations. The cooperative community has a longstanding tradition of helping in times of need, last year the Disaster Recovery Fund gave more than $200,000 in grants to communities struck by disasters. The fund is a project of the Cooperative Development Foundation, a public charity headquartered in Washington, DC that promotes and develops cooperatives to improve economic opportunities for all.⁠