Class Information (In-Studio)




First Time Students:

$15 for your first 1.5 hour class
$10 for your first 1 hour class
First Visit 5 Class Card: 20% off if bought on day of first visit.
$99 for 1.5 hour classes, $76 for 1 hour classes


Drop-in Single Class:

$29 (Members: $27) for 1.5 hour Class (unless noted otherwise)
$25 (Members: $23) for 1 hour Lunchtime Basics Class
All Classes are drop-in.  There is no pre-registration.


Class Cards:

5 Class Card: $125 (Members: $105)  (Best if you attend class 1x/week. (6 week expiration))
10 Class Card: $230 (Members: $195)  (Best if you attend class 2x/week. (8 week expiration))
Lunchtime 5 Class Card: $95 (Members: $75)  (1 hour classes only, 6 week expiration)
Lunchtime 10 Class Card: $170 (Members: $140)  (1 hour classes only, 8 week expiration)

Expiration dates can be extended for 6 months by paying $2 supplement/class for a 5 class Card or a $4 supplement/class for a 10 class card. 1 Hour class cards may be upgraded to 1.5 Hours for $6/class. 

After 6 months, your card completely expires.

1 Month Unlimited Card: $250 (Members: $210)
3 Month Unlimited Card: $720 (Members: $610)
6 Month Unlimited Card: $1,350 (Members: $1,100)
1 Year Unlimited Card: $2,550 (Members: $2,000)

Class cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-freezable. 3 month, 6 month and 1 year unlimited cards are freezable with advance notice.

Gift Certificates are available for classes and class cards


Class Cards for Out-of-Town Students:

For those students who are outside of the NYC area and for whom coming to Samamkaya can only happen periodically and constitutes a special visit, we offer the following class cards:

5 Class Card: $125  (6 month expiration)
10 Class Card: $230  (8 month expiration)

Expiration dates can be extended for 1 year from the purchase date by paying $2 supplement/class for a 5 class Card or a $4 supplement/class for a 10 class card.  

After 1 year, your card completely expires.

Class cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-freezable.


Drop-in only policy for classes

There is no class pre-registration.  Simply drop into the class you would like to attend and pay for the class when you arrive.  We recommend you buy a class card or unlimited to speed up your registration.  If you are coming to class for the 1st time or if you have to pay, please arrive 20-15 minutes early.  We do require pre-registration for workshops


Class Descriptions

Back Care

For all types of back problems, pain and postural problems including scoliosis. Come lengthen your spine and move out of the habitual behaviors that are making your back hurt! All levels welcome including those new to yoga and beginners.

Back Care Basics

For all types of back problems, pain and postural problems including scoliosis. This class moves a bit slower, and step by step in comparison to the Back Care Classes.

Back Care Beginners Series

For Brand New Beginners to yoga or to alignment based yoga.  These classes cover the basic skills you need to participate in the Back Care & Back Care Basics classes in a progressive manner.  You will be taking classes with other new beginners at Samamkaya Yoga and learn many basic actions and prop adjustments appropriate to your back problem or your scoliosis.

Embodied Back Care

This class explores developmental movement patterns, anatomy, and the breath to allow the asana practice to evolve with ease and support for the spine. Movement in and out of the poses and focusing on the different systems of the body are presented in a way that is accessible and healing for anyone with spinal issues and/or musculoskeletal pain.

Community Back Care

A Back Care Basics class offered at a discounted rate. For all types of back problems, pain and postural problems including scoliosis. Suggested donation is $10, but a donation of any amount is accepted. Taught by a very talented teacher with many years of experience.

Intermediate Back Care / Intermediate Yoga & Scoliosis

For students with mature yoga practice or who have been taking the Yoga & Scoliosis or Back Care class on a regular basis for a minimum of 1 year.  All poses will be modified with props and awareness techniques so each student can move along with his/her practice. There will also be some focus on inversions. The Intermediate class is not for new beginners.

Yoga & Scoliosis

For students with a lateral/rotational curvature(s) of the spine. The focus is on extension and working with issues affecting people with scoliosis such as balance, proprioception, strength and reducing compensatory patterns. All levels welcome including those new to yoga.

Yoga & Scoliosis Basics

This class covers the basic information needed to understand the way to work in the Yoga & Scoliosis classes at Samamkaya Yoga, including learning and understanding your own curves, basic poses to charge awareness and gain extension, working with proprioceptive issues and balance.  This class moves slower and more step-by-step than the Open Level Yoga & Scoliosis classes.

Yoga & Scoliosis for Teens & Tweens Series

This class in appropriate for ages 11-17. All teens are welcome to this class but as idiopathic scoliosis is commonly diagnosed in adolescence, the class will generally focus of scoliosis. This 1-hour class creates an environment that is less intense that the adult classes, allows teens to relate with one another, and is sequenced for a young person’s energy level. Dahlia Galler’s positivity and experience with her own scoliosis will communicate how the love of yoga will lead to a healthier relationship to the body…at a time when this relationship is particularly difficult.

Spinal Fusions

Because of the contraindications with Harrington Rods and other instrumentation, being in a general class—even one focused on scoliosis or back problems—can be frustrating. This class covers all the principles and poses of the Yoga & Scoliosis classes but without twists, convex forward bending, backbending. The practice will help strengthen muscles around the fusion in an aligned manner, bring stability to hypermobile joints or open up very stiff areas—without destabilizing the body or the instrumentation itself.


This class is for students of all levels.  By supporting the body with props, poses are held longer.  Poses emphasize deep release and rejuvenate the body and mind.