In-Studio Classes


COVID Protocols:

– In-studio classes will be limited to 6 students to account for state capacity requirements and to allow for social distancing
– All students will be required to sign-up for class online via Acuity at least 2 hours in advance. No drop-ins will be allowed.
– Our 24-hour cancellation policy will be in effect for in-studio classes, with an exception for students who show any COVID symptoms within 24 hours of a class.
– If there are not 3 or more students signed up for a class, that class will be cancelled 2 hours in advance, and the teacher will notify the students via email. We’ve established this time frame so that students are not already on their way to class when class is cancelled.
– Students will be required to fill out a COVID waiver before each class certifying that they are not experiencing symptoms and have not been in contact with someone known to have a positive COVID diagnosis
– All students and teachers will be required to wear a mask while in the studio, including while practicing. This is a requirement from the state.
– We will have hand sanitizer at the studio, though we recommend washing your hands with soap and water in the bathroom before and after class.
– All students will need to help to disinfect the props they use during class. Alcohol spray and wipes will be provided.
– Students should bring their own sticky mat, and are encouraged to also bring a bath towel and any other props they would like. Though not required, this will save on cleaning time after class.
– Teachers will begin class by having students assemble the props they will need in class, so that there will be less movement around the studio as class progresses.
– We’ve purchased an air purifier, and will keep the windows open (weather permitting) to increase air quality and flow.



– For the time being, pricing will be separate for online and in-studio classes
– Pre-existing Class Cards – If you had classes on a card when the studio closed last March, please email us and we will determine how many classes you had left. There will be a $5/class supplement to use the remaining classes on your card. If you wish, you could also donate these classes to the studio.
– New Pricing
Single Classes: $35 (Student Members: $32)
5 Class Card: $150 (Student Members: $140), 8 week exp.
10 Class Card: $275 (Student Members: $260), 10 week exp.
– For now, we will not be offering in-studio unlimited cards