Online Class Prices


Drop-in Single Class:

$25 (Members: $23)


Class Cards:

5 Class Card: $115 (Members: $95)  (Best if you attend class 1x/week. (6 week expiration))
10 Class Card: $200 (Members: $175)  (Best if you attend class 2x/week. (8 week expiration))

Auto-renew Weekly Unlimited: $60 (Members: $55) no change
Auto-renew Monthly Unlimited: $200 (Members: $175) no change
SPECIAL Auto-renew 6 Month Unlimited Card: $1,000 (Members: $900)*
One-time Weekly Unlimited: $70 (Members: $65)
One-time Monthly Unlimited: $225 (Member: $200)
*Would apply to in-person classes if/when we are allowed to open the physical studio for the remainder of the unlimited period

Gift Certificates are available for classes and class cards


Principle 6 for Worker-Owned Cooperatives

Samamkaya is proud to enforce Principle 6 for worker-owned cooperatives: “Cooperation among Cooperatives.” We are happy to extend a 10% discount for all drop-in classes and class cards, with the exception of unlimited class cards and workshops.