Relieve Jaw Tension with Yoga & Mindfulness
(Getting to Know) Your Amazing Psoas Muscle!
A Resilient Heart: Loving Kindness Meditation for Ourselves & the World
With Cator Shachoy
April 4-5

Yoga for Jaw Tension: Saturday 9-12pm and 2-4pm
Your Amazing PSOAS: Sunday 9-12pm
Mindfulness Meditation Sunday 2-4pm
Saturday Morning only: $55
Saturday Afternoon only: $40
Sunday Morning only: $55
Sunday Afternoon only: $40
Saturday All Day: $85
Sunday All Day: $85
Full Weekend: $160

Relieve Jaw Tension with Yoga & Mindfulness

Do you clench your jaw, or grind your teeth at night?  This workshop is for you! It will also be of interest to Yoga teachers and practitioners wishing to help their clients and students.  Jaw Tension and TMJ or TMD – Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction – is a very common, and often painful condition. At present there are few options for treatment beyond being fitted for a night guard by your dentist.  In this workshop you will learn the causes and repercussions of TMD, simple self-massage techniques to relax the face and jaw, mindfulness practices, and a yoga asana sequence that can bring relief. This is a unique approach developed from working with hundreds of clients and students over many years.
**Jaw Tension can be a factor in many conditions including headaches, sinusitis, sciatica, digestive and hormonal disorders. Come and learn why this is so and how to bring relief.

(Getting to Know) Your Amazing Psoas Muscle!

The psoas is integral to sitting, standing, walking, moving… all of our daily activities. It’s involved in both forward and backward bending, connects upper and lower bodies, and plays a special role in the pelvis, back, ribs, and breathing. Starting at the lower ribs and ending at the top of the thigh, psoas covers a lot of terrain. We could say it’s like a road that starts in the plains, crosses over the mountains, desert, hills… and ends by the sea. Intriguingly, psoas is influenced by how we feel. When we feel threatened, psoas contracts. When we are at ease, psoas relaxes and lengthens. And no two psoas are alike – even within your own body.

Given the complexity of this muscle, it’s worthwhile to take a little time to get to know it. Class will include in depth investigation of this essential muscle through experiential anatomy, yoga poses, pranayama, breath awareness. Accessible to all.

A Resilient Heart: Loving Kindness for Ourselves & the World

Loving Kindness is the practice of cultivating a friendly, caring state of mind. Through conscious intention, we can learn to love ourselves and others more fully. Practicing loving kindness gives us a way to transform our heart and mind to be more resilient. Cultivating resilience allows us to be steady no matter what is going on around us. In challenging times, keeping an open heart is of great importance. A resilient heart does not simply break, but rather breaks open to connection with everyone and everything.

Loving Kindness – ‘Metta’ in pali or ‘Maitri’ in Sanskrit is one of the four Brahma Viharas – or Divine Abodes – and exists in both Yoga & Buddhism. Current scientific research backs up this ancient practice to validate that with a little effort, we can change our minds and become more loving… towards everyone.

Cator Shachoy began the practices of yoga, Buddhist meditation, and energy healing in 1990 to heal chronic illness. Through the regular practice of these disciplines, she recovered her strength and vitality. For Cator, spiritual growth and development is a healing path inviting us to become more intimate with everything. Her practices of Buddhism, Energy Healing, Yoga and conscious body movement are deeply integrated. Cator is a CIAYT yoga therapist, YACEP instructor, MBSR Mindfulness teacher and Visionary Craniosacral work practitioner. She completed teacher training at the Iyengar Inst of SF and Kripalu and has studied extensively with SF bay area senior Iyengar teachers. Her primary meditation teachers are Ajahn Pasanno and Ruth Denison. Cator began teaching in 1996. Currently she is in private practice and teaches internationally.


 Adjustments, Modifications, & Verbal Instructions: Teaching Yoga For Scoliosis

with Deborah Wolk

Wednesdays, 1:45-3:45pm
2020 Dates: 
1/8, 2/12, 3/18, 4/1, 5/27, 6/10, 7/1, 8/26, 9/16, 10/7, 11/18, 12/16

One class for: $40 teachers, $30 Samamkaya Teaching Assistants, $20 Students 
Any 3 months for Teachers/Assistants/Students:  $105/80/54
Any 6 months for Teachers/Assistants/Students $180/150/100
Any 12 months for Teachers/Assistants/Students  $300/275/170

This course is now approved as an IAYT CE Course! You may begin the series at any point and have up to 15 months to complete the 12 class series +  one 1 hour mentoring session = 25 hours total
12 months for Yoga Teachers/Samamkaya Teaching Assistants/Samamkaya Faculty Members working for IAYT credit: $400/350/250

Students with scoliosis have very specific needs with the nervous system, proprioceptive system and with pain patterns.  One must avoid muddled information.  Using prop set-ups, hand on adjustments and verbal instructions, Deborah Wolk will guide you in how to better teach your students with scoliosis.

This class is appropriate for all yoga teachers and for students with scoliosis. Teachers of other modalities (Pilates, personal training, etc.) may attend as teachers with Deborah’s permission. This class is not recommended for brand new beginners to yoga.




“Teaching The Older Student” with Laura Staton

This workshop is being postponed as we are closed in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19. The weekend will be rescheduled at a later date. If you would like to be notified about the new date, please email us at

March 21–22, 2020
Saturday – 9am–12pm & 2–5:30pm
Sunday – 9am–12:15pm & 1:45–4pm
Whole Weekend: $265
Saturday all day: $150
Sunday all day: $125
Saturday Morning Only: $75
Saturday Afternoon Only: $80
Sunday Morning Only: $80
Sunday Afternoon Only: $60

This is part of the Advanced Studies Course.

Working with an aging population requires an understanding of age related health concerns and a deft ability to observe what kind of support is needed. This weekend will provide an overview of common age related conditions and provide an increase understanding of how to treat them safely with yoga. The class will explore strategies to ensure participationin in yoga that will be positive, enjoyable and healing for both the student and the teacher. Hand-outs will be provided as will material from Laura’s upcoming book on healing orthopedic injuries through yoga.

Saturday will focus on conditions of the spine including herniations, disc bulges, stenosis and osteoarthritis and explore understanding joint and muscle range of motion.  We will also explore strategies for fluctuating cognition such as mindfulness and breath work and why using external cuing is important for an older population.

Sunday will include fall prevention training and balance activities which are essential to reduce a risk of falling. These techniques can be used in class and when working with students privately. We will also explore mobility limitations in the legs and pelvis including strategies for managing hip and knee replacements, and practice safe transfer techniques on and off the floor.


A Two-Day Creative Exploration of Scoliosis and Spinal Fusions

This workshop is being postponed due to travel abatements caused by COVID-19. The weekend will be rescheduled at a later date. If you would like to be notified about the new date, please email us at

with Martha Carter (movement) and Patricia Horvath (writing)
Saturday & Sunday, March 28–29, 2020 – 9am–5pm each day (with 2 hour lunch)
Full Weekend: $300
One Day Only: $160

Come and spinal fusion wellness expert Martha Carter and special guest and author Patricia Horvath for a wholehearted exploration of spinal fusions! Designed for people with scoliosis and spinal fusions, this unique workshop combines gentle movement and guided writing to address how this confounding condition affects the whole self – body, mind, and spirit.

The idea for this workshop was born when Martha had the realization that almost everyone with a spinal fusion, like herself, struggles to achieve comfort in their movement in different ways to what non-fused ‘scoliotics’ experience. Often there is fear and uncertainty around what is ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ movement, not to mention the many life-style questions that are difficult for non-fused folks to understand. This workshop will address it all!

Starting with a gentle blend of breathing, yoga, somatics, and freestyle movement, Martha’s comforting approach will help participants to better understand their bodies – with the goal of replacing stiffness and fear, with mobility and freedom. Patricia’s guided writing sessions encourage freewriting – stories, memories, emotions, not to mention reflections on the some fo the unusual medical moments that we all struggled through – that can either be shared, or stay private.

Martha Carter 
As a therapeutic movement specialist for scoliosis and spinal fusions, Martha teaches Gentle Yoga and Scoliosis Wellness classes, workshops, and retreats for all ages and abilities in Canada, the US, and internationally. She is a certified teacher of Yoga for Scoliosis, based on the techniques developed by acclaimed Iyengar teacher, Elise Browning Miller. She has also studied (and continues to enjoy explorations in) Pilates for Scoliosis, Essential Somatics, Energy Medicine, and Trauma Release techniques, which she weaves into all her classes to help participants with pain relief while enhancing their movement potential. Martha is the founder and director of the Twisted Outreach Project for Back Care and Scoliosis (TOPS), a Canadian-based non-profit that provides a range of holistic and creative approaches to working with back care and scoliosis. (

Patricia Horvath is the author of the memoir All the Difference (Etruscan Press) about her experiences with scoliosis and spinal fusion. Her stories and essays have been published widely in literary journals including Shenandoah, The Massachusetts Review, New Ohio Review, The Los Angeles Review, and Confrontation. She is the recipient of New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships in both fiction and literary nonfiction and the Goldenberg Prize for Fiction at Bellevue Literary Review. She teaches at Framingham State University in Massachusetts.

Please register in advance!

Cancellations made up to one week in advance will be refunded less a 20% administrative fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made within one week of the workshop.


Masterclasses with Sri H.S. Arun

Monday–Thursday, May 18th–21st • 2-5pm Each Day
All 4 Classes: $210 in Advance | $200*
Any 3 Classes: $165 in Advance | $150*
Any 2 Classes: $115 in Advance | $105*
Single Class: $60 in Advance | $55* | $65 Drop In
*Early Bird Special if registered by April 13

This workshop has been canceled due to precautions concerning the spread of COVID-19. We anticipate hosting Arun again next year.

Samamkaya is proud and honored to welcome back Sri H.S. Arun for his 5th visit to our beautiful studio! Arunji has practiced and taught the art and science of yoga in India for more than 35 years. He has been touring the US annually since 2005. Arunjiʼs teaching is simple, direct, and effective, while his wit and humor lend a positive energy to his classes. The endless variety in his sequences, based on a solid knowledge of the Iyengar tradition, allows students to explore the many facets of Iyengar yoga. Arunji uses many props in his teaching to assist in working with the asana, and has become known as “The Chairmaster”!

Each class will include an asana practice and a discussion about the art and practice of yoga. During his workshops students will experience a full understanding of a wide spectrum of asanas including standing poses, forward-folds, twists, inversions and backward bends. Especially for Samamkaya, Arunji may cover topics like spinal asymmetry, back problems, and other therapeutic issues. This is a unique opportunity to study with a warm, devoted, and knowledgeable master teacher!

One year of yoga practice required. No acute injuries please.

SRI H.S. ARUN began teaching yoga in 1976. He conducted a class in the presence of B.K.S. Iyengar in 1978 which inspired a lifelong study with Guruji. He is the Founder and Principal Instructor at the Prashant Yogashraya in Bangalore, India. Arun is known for taking a personal interest in every student he encounters. He quickly develops an understanding of each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses and skillfully guides them according to their capabilities. Arun’s students appreciate him for his ability to connect and teach from the heart, as well as for his quick-witted sense of humor. His workshops offer a well balanced, challenging, deep, (sometimes restorative) and powerful class. He is very attentive to every student in the room. During his workshops students will experience a full understanding of a wide spectrum of asanas including standing poses, forward-folds, twists, inversions and backward bends. Active use of props is a dominant theme in Arun’s practice.

Cancellations made up to one week in advance will be refunded less a 20% administrative fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made within one week of the workshop.


Holistic Health: Yoga for Depression, Headaches, Immune System and Nervous System with Bobby Clennell

Saturday and Sunday May 30 and 31
Saturday 9am-12pm & 2pm-4:30pm
Sunday 9am-12pm & 2pm-4:30pm
Full Weekend: $210 early bird*/$230 in advance
One Day Only: $110 early bird*/$120 in advance
Saturday AM Only: $65 early bird*/$70 in advance/$75 drop-in
Saturday PM Only: $55 early bird*/$60 in advance/$65 drop-in
Sunday AM Only: $65 early bird*/$70 in advance/$75 drop-in
Sunday PM Only: $55 early bird*/$60 in advance/$65 drop-in
*early bird if registered by April 27

Saturday May 30

9am – 12pm: Active restorative sequence
Depression is a disease of the emotions and mind as well as the nervous and endocrine systems. Lift your chest to elevate your emotions, lead your mind to a lighter state and create room for prana to move freely around the heart area. Keep your eyes open and focus primarily on your inhalation, the bringer of life. 

2 – 4.30pm: Forward Bends
Forward bends are important to cool the body and decompress the head. They bring relief from anxiety and headaches, lower blood pressure and help the distracted mind unwind and focus.

Sunday 31

9am – 12pm: Immune System
This sequence focused on the immune system was given to students at the Iyengar Institute in Pune when it was closed due to an outbreak of a virulent flu. 

2 – 4.30 pm: Repairing the nervous system
A restorative practice teaches us to be in the asana longer and penetrate deeper. Students will use inversions, supine asana,  and supported back bends to become familiar and more confident with a deeper level of internal practice. This mentally calming and physically rejuvenating sequence forms the basis for breathing practices that are soothing, settling and profound.

Bobby Clennell  has been teaching Iyengar Yoga for over forty years. She is a core faculty member of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York and teaches workshops throughout the United States and around the world.
Bobby began practicing yoga in London in the early 1970s while working as a costume designer and animator. In 1976, Bobby (along with husband, Lindsey, and sons, Miles and Jake) made her first trip to study with B. K. S. Iyengar in Pune, India. She has returned every two years to continue her study. She earned an Iyengar Yoga teaching certificate in 1977.
In the 1980s, Bobby‘s interest in women’s issues was sparked by her studies with Mr. Iyengar’s daughter, Geeta Iyengar. While Mr. Iyengar was teaching the main class, the women who were menstruating were sent to the back of the room to work more quietly with Geeta. This experience awakened Bobby to the need for a woman’s yoga practice.
She is the creator of a short film, entitled Yantra, based on the movements of B. K. S. Iyengar during his own asana practice. Bobby Clennell lives in New York City.


Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training Part II and Beyond
with Elise Browning Miller

Saturday, Dec 12 & Sunday, Dec 13, 2020 | 9–11:30am & 2–4:30pm Each Day
Full Weekend: $350 in Advance | $325 Early Bird Special if registered by Nov 7, 2020

Samamkaya is proud to present Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training Part II and Beyond. Anyone may attend this workshop—we highly recommend it for teachers and students alike. If you want to take Part II towards certification, you must have taken Part I with Elise Browning Miller at another time. Most of the Samamkaya faculty have completed Elise Browning Miller’s 20 hour course program. The Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher’s Training is the first teacher’s training program designed specifically to train yoga teachers on how to work with students who have scoliosis. This course may lead you to do the coursework and practicum for a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer Certification and presence on the Yoga for Scoliosis website. This particular course is also appropriate for those who have already done the Teacher Training with Elise in full but would like to prepare or receive support for their practicum or are certified trainers but would like to learn more.

Samamkaya is the ideal location for this workshop. Well-stocked with props & outfitted with a 20 station rope wall, the workshop will be limited to 20 students. You will be able to address questions that have come up in teaching in an intimate and supportive environment. This workshop will go “beyond” Part II into more techniques and real life solutions than Part II at other locations.

During this course teacher trainees will learn:

  • The anatomy and physiology of scoliosis
  • The common scoliotic patterns
  • Patterns of injury and pain with scoliosis
  • Yoga Asana to address scoliotic patterns which will help reduce progression, pain and discomfort, and perhaps even the curve(s) themselves
  • About other patterns that often accompany scoliosis; such as hip and shoulder problems, neck problems, and disorientation
  • How to give verbal and hands-on adjustments to your students with scoliosis
  • How to use Yoga Props to specifically address scoliotic patterns and related issues
  • Addressing psychological aspects of scoliosis. How to work with your own students with scoliosis

Yoga for Scoliosis for Beginners with Elise Browning Miller

Friday, December 11, 2020 – 6–9pm
$75 in advance | $65 early bird if registered by Nov 6 | $80 drop in

New to Yoga? Want to get started addressing your Scoliosis with Yoga? Come to this 2-hour session with Elise Browning Miller, especially for those new to this practice. Elise is the author of the booklet and DVD Yoga For Scoliosis, and is world famous for her workshops and Teacher Training for Yoga for Scoliosis and Yoga for Back Care. Most of the teachers at Samamkaya have trained with her and we all love her!

Elise Browning Miller, M.A. in Therapeutic Recreation from UNC-CH, is a Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher who has been teaching yoga throughout the US and internationally for over 30 years. A founding director of California Yoga Center in Mountain View, CA, Elise has successfully used yoga to minimize the effects of her own scoliosis. She has published numerous articles on scoliosis and other yoga related subjects in Yoga Journal and other national magazines. Elise has studied on numerous occasions with the Iyengars in India and specializes in Scoliosis, lower/upper back problems and sports related injuries. She recently launched her new book “Yoga for Scoliosis – A Path for Students & Teachers”, and has produced her own DVD and booklets, “Yoga for Scoliosis”, “Yoga for Back Care” and her “Yoga: Anytime, Anywhere book”. Her joyous personality and ease of communication endear her to students with a teaching style that is down-to-earth, precise and nurturing.

Please Register in Advance!

Cancellations made up to one week in advance will be refunded less a 20% administrative fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made within one week of the workshop.

Elise Browning Miller may also be offering a limited amount of private lessons while in NYC. Students interested in a private should contact Elise or her assistant Vera Popova directly at ASAP.  Samamkaya does not arrange private lessons.



It is strongly recommended that you pre-register for workshops. If you pre-register for a workshop, you must cancel either 1 week or 48 hours in advance (depending on the workshop), in order to be refunded for that workshop less a 20% administrative fee. Cancellation deadlines can be found below the workshop descriptions above.

Please cancel via email ( or call 646.964.5772. Even if we receive the message later, we will go by the time stamp and refund your money if appropriate. If you are ill or there is an immediate family medical emergency, we will of course waive the fee. However, please email us as early as possible, and before the workshop begins, to waive the fee or arrange a credit.dots2

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