Healthy Aging through Ayurveda and Yoga Virtual Workshop with Jeanne-Marie Derrick

November 6-7 2021
Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm EST
Full Weekend$90 early bird*/$100 in advance
One Session: $50 early bird*/$60 in advance/$70 day-of
*early-bird by October 25

“Old age is not a disease, it is a triumph” Maggie Kuhn

Most of us have been programmed to believe that aging is synonymous with a slow decline marked by inevitable outcomes.  The real obstacle for most of us isn’t age, it is loss of function.  Our bodies are perfectly capable of remaining vital and vigorous, and our brains can absolutely stay clear and sharp—if we give them what they need. Learn what gives your body what it needs to function at its best using the teachings of ayurveda and yoga.  Whatever your age, your reward will be a health, energy, a sense of resilience, vitality, inspiration and joy.

Jeanne-Marie Derrick is a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist and Ayurveda Herbalist. Certified in Iyengar Yoga and Yoga for Scoliosis. Jeanne-Marie’s interest in yoga, ayurveda and herbalism is to support health and healing on all levels. She resides in Monroe, NC were she teaches yoga and sees clients online.


VIRTUAL Yoga for Scoliosis: Harmonizing the Inner and Outer Body with Helen Margaret Giovanello

Saturdays and Sundays, November 13, 14, 20, 21
12:30-2pm ET each day on ZOOM
One day only: $25 early-bird*/$30/$35 day-of
Two Sessions: $45 early-bird*/$50
Full Series: $80 early-bird*/$90
*early-bird by November 1

In yoga practice, we work to develop a deeper awareness, regardless of our body type or our specific issues. Some parts are dormant; some are overstretched; some are short, others long. Using our breath, we can become acquainted with the inner movements of the body to sense these imbalances and better relate to our body, mind, and emotions. This is the beginning of a journey toward integration and harmony.

People with scoliosis have more pronounced imbalances and tensions, and these will require more patience, compassion, and acceptance of limitations. As students with scoliosis, our practice can help us to develop a sense of unity and wholeness by slowing down and exploring one subject at a time. Our practice reveals how one simple direction unfolds in an incredible variety of movements and sensations—how one action affects the entire body, and how it applies to a wide range of asana. We work the asanas to allow the entire body to receive and integrate the information.

In this series, you’ll explore the inner and outer length of the legs from the feet to the hips. The inner legs are directly connected to the spine, the outer legs to the side body. You’ll experiment with how you can release the tensions that shorten the muscles, and how to harmonize inner/outer length, to find more evenness outside and inside. Consequently, you’ll acquire a sense of stability and mobility in the entire body and asana.

Helen is a masterful teacher who will help you to deeply sense the imbalances in your body, and skillfully guide you to release tension and find more harmony. This online series is appropriate for all levels of students with an established practice; no new beginners, please. It is recommended that you take the entire series, as the classes build upon each other, but single classes are also available. Each class will be recorded and distributed to all attendees. We hope to see you on the mat!

Helen Margaret Giovanello was born in London and grew up in Turin, Italy. While studying Philosophy and Human Sciences at the University of Turin, Helen moved to Paris, France to explore different art forms.  In 1996 she graduated from the prestigious International Center of Photography in New York and embarked upon a successful career as a photojournalist.

Having practiced hatha yoga since her teens, it was her encounter with Iyengar yoga in NYC 1999 that marked the beginning of a life-changing experience.  She studied with Kevin Gardiner, Carrie Owerko and James Murphy.  In 2003 Helen lived in Mumbai, India studying and apprenticing with Senior Iyengar yoga teacher Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh who remains her mentor.

Helen also travels regularly to the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune India.  Under the guidance of Geetaji, she deepened her practice of yoga for scoliosis.

Helen received her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Certification in Paris from the Iyengar Yoga Masters Faeq and Corinne Biria in 2013 and in 2014 she completed Elise Browning Miller’s Yoga for Scoliosis teacher training in NYC.

The following year Helen assisted Deborah Wolk at Samamkaya and offered her first workshop on Yoga and Scoliosis there.

Recently, Helen moved from Paris to Biarritz in Basque Country. She follows her two passions: photography and teaching Iyengar Yoga and Yoga for Scoliosis in France and abroad.

Helen’s yoga teaching style is creative, precise, compassionate and joyful.


Online Fusion Wellness Weekend: A Creative Exploration of Scoliosis and Spinal Fusions with Martha Carter and Patricia Horvath

December 4-5
Saturday and Sunday 12:30-3:30pm ET each day
Full Workshop: $100 early-bird*/$110 in advance
One Day Only: $55 early-bird*/$60 in advance/$65 day-of*Early-bird if registered by November 22

Join spinal fusion wellness expert, Martha Carter and special guest, author Patricia Horvath, for a wholehearted exploration of spinal fusions! Designed for people with scoliosis and spinal fusions, this unique workshop combines gentle movement and guided writing to address how this confounding condition affects the whole self – body, mind, and spirit.

The idea for this workshop was born when Martha had the realization that almost everyone with a spinal fusion, like herself, struggles to achieve comfort in their movement in different ways from what non-fused ‘scoliotics’ experience. Often there is fear and uncertainty around what is ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ movement, not to mention the many lifestyle questions that are difficult for non-fused folks to understand. This workshop will address it all!

Starting with a gentle blend of breathing, yoga, somatics, and freestyle movement, Martha’s comforting approach will help participants to better understand their bodies – with the goal of replacing stiffness and fear with mobility and freedom. Patricia’s guided writing sessions encourage freewriting – stories, memories, emotions, not to mention reflections on some of the the unusual medical moments that we all struggled through – that can either be shared, or stay private.

As one student wrote from a previous Fusion Wellness Weekend:

“It’s a body, mind and soul rejuvenation, and a reminder that I can continually start over in life, through my body.”

Online Workshop will consist of:
• One 15-30 minute online private conversation with Martha to address any questions or concerns before the workshop.
• 3 hours Yoga, movement, meditation, and relaxation classes with Martha Carter.
• 3 hours Writing practice and discussion guided by Patricia Horvath.
•Access to recordings of movement classes
•Link to Chair Somatics class.
•Writing handouts 

Martha Carter: As a therapeutic movement specialist for scoliosis and spinal fusions, Martha teaches Gentle Yoga and Scoliosis Wellness classes, workshops, and retreats for all ages and abilities in Canada, the US, and internationally. She is a certified teacher of Yoga for Scoliosis based on the teachings of Elise Browning Miller and Essential Somatics based on the work of Thomas Hanna. She has also studied (and continues to enjoy explorations in) Pilates for Scoliosis, Energy Medicine, and Trauma Release techniques, which she weaves into all her classes to help participants with pain relief while enhancing their movement potential. Martha is the founder and director of the Twisted Outreach Project for Back Care and Scoliosis (TOPS), a Canadian-based non-profit that provides a range of holistic and creative approaches to working with back care and scoliosis. Martha’s full bio can be found here.

Patricia Horvath is the author of the memoir All the Difference (Etruscan Press) about her experiences with scoliosis and spinal fusion and of the forthcoming story collection But Now Am Found (Black Lawrence Press). A recipient of New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships in both fiction and literary nonfiction, her stories and essays have been published widely in literary journals. She teaches creative writing at Framingham State University and is an editor at The Massachusetts Review. Her website is


ONLINE ONLY: Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training Part I with Elise Browning Miller

December 11-12, 2021 | 12-2:30pm & 4-6:30pm EST Each Day
Full Weekend: $325 early bird*/$350 in advance
*early bird if registered by November 22

Elise Miller presents her internationally acclaimed workshop on working with scoliosis. This workshop is designed to present information and experience in the ways that Iyengar Yoga can be used to meet the challenges of scoliosis. We will include anatomical background on scoliosis, identify each participant’s scoliosis, and discuss cause and effect as well as psychological consequences of scoliosis. Participants will learn optimal yoga postures for scoliosis as well as how to adapt specific yoga postures to their scoliosis. By combining the yoga postures with breathing awareness, one can develop more structural alignment of the body and become more symmetrical and balanced. Through yoga, one can find the balance point that allows the scoliosis curve to coexist with gravity and activates the body’s natural plumb line.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone with scoliosis whether they are currently a yoga student or not. Teachers are also urged to attend to gain knowledge and be more skillful when assisting their students with scoliosis.

Saturday AM
Elise will discuss the physical and psychological causes and effects of scoliosis, identify different patterns of scoliosis and introduce the most beneficial poses for scoliosis. Adjustments and props will be used to assist participants to work with their individual scoliosis. Emphasis will be on lengthening the spine and aligning the body with breath awareness in beginning yoga poses.

Saturday PM & Sunday
Participants will continue to learn to work with their particular scoliosis with a variety of yoga poses including standing poses, back strengtheners, twists, inversions and forward bends.

Do you have interest in becoming certified as a “Yoga for Scoliosis” Trainer? The Yoga for Scoliosis “Part 1” workshop would fulfill the first 10 hours of the 20 hours required to get started on the Elise Browning Miller  “Yoga for Scoliosis” Training program.

Elise Browning Miller, M.A. in Therapeutic Recreation from UNC-CH, is a Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher who has been teaching yoga throughout the US and internationally for over 30 years. A founding director of California Yoga Center in Mountain View, CA, Elise has successfully used yoga to minimize the effects of her own scoliosis. She has published numerous articles on scoliosis and other yoga related subjects in Yoga Journal and other national magazines. Elise has studied on numerous occasions with the Iyengars in India and specializes in Scoliosis, lower/upper back problems and sports related injuries. She recently launched her new book “Yoga for Scoliosis – A Path for Students & Teachers”, and has produced her own DVD and booklets, “Yoga for Scoliosis”, “Yoga for Back Care” and her “Yoga: Anytime, Anywhere book”. Her joyous personality and ease of communication endear her to students with a teaching style that is down-to-earth, precise and nurturing.



It is strongly recommended that you pre-register for workshops. If you pre-register for a workshop, you must cancel either 1 week or 48 hours in advance (depending on the workshop), in order to be refunded for that workshop less a 20% administrative fee. Cancellation deadlines can be found below the workshop descriptions above.

Please cancel via email ( or call 646.964.5772. Even if we receive the message later, we will go by the time stamp and refund your money if appropriate. If you are ill or there is an immediate family medical emergency, we will of course waive the fee. However, please email us as early as possible, and before the workshop begins, to waive the fee or arrange a credit.dots2

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